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Drainage systems

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Drainage system VISIO SLIM GOLD


NEW! Series: Visio Slim Gold
Linear drain with brushed grate
Adjustable riser legs
Drain channel
Double draining system to remove water
Low-profile height
Shower waste made of 100% polypropylene

Symbol Dimension Finish
OL-0071 60 polished gold grate
OL-0072 70 polished gold grate
OL-0073 80 polished gold grate
OL-0074 90 polished gold grate
OL-0075 100 polished gold grate
OL-0081 60 brushed gold grate
OL-0082 70 brushed gold grate
OL-0083 80 brushed gold grate
OL-0084 90 brushed gold grate
OL-0085 100 brushed gold grate

Flow rate: 28 L / min

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